(I was 50 then)

Business Analyst & Productivity Engineer

I specialize developing business requirements,
performing business process work flow analysis
and identification of productivity changes
to make business processes and products more efficient.

I have reputation for getting things done quickly. 

email: Scott.A.Mackay@mindspring.com


I retired from full-time work as of 10/31/2022

However, I am currently under contract for a part-time requirements development engagement until 12/2023

Process Analysis Client Site Assistance
Identification of Productivity Improvements Product Installations
Process Flow Charting & Domain Modeling Pre-Installation Surveys
Time & Motion Studies Problem Investigations
Cost Trade Studies & Value Analysis Product Improvement Surveys
Requirements Development Work Area Design
Use Cases & Use Case Modeling Work Station Layouts
Product Visions & Requirements Specifications Work Area Layouts
Test Cases & Test Scripts Other Skills
Technical Manuals & Sales Brochures Smartsheet
Work Instructions Jira
Training Courses Reverse Engineering of Legacy Systems

Home Address:

Scott A Mackay
3051 Wendy Lane
Marietta GA 30062-1451

Coverage Area:

Eastern United States & Canada
MA, NH, ME, Ont, Que, NS are favorites

Remote work only

White Papers:



Please feel free to use my materials for educational purposes. Lets all be the best at what we do.